Radha Pariyaram

Srimati Radha Pariyaram is a traditional conserver from Panamaram of Wayanad district. Being adjacent to forest her farmland has many wild varieties of plants. Wild animals are frequent visitors but she conserves certain fruits for their needs and never find them as trespassers. She conserves many extinct plants as Thadachi (Grewia tiliaefolia VAHL), Maruthu (Terminalia paniculata Roth), Puvam (Schleichera oleosa), Avanakk (Ricinus communis) and Karimaram (Diospyros ebenum Koenig). She preserves around 250 species of trees.
The wide spread branches are home for common birds and favour its nesting habits. She conserves many medicinal plants and aware of its medicinal values. A scared grove has maintained in her field to protect the belief system and it’s a haven of many wild types of plants and birds.
The main crops of her interest are paddy and turmeric. Paddy has cultivated mainly for consumption moreover for certain rituals and belief. The varieties of paddy include Chennellu, Ghandhakasala  and H4 .
She follows traditional methods considering the heritage and culture on seed storage, land ploughing and seedling treatment. Smoking to prevent pest attack and for the seed viability, ploughing with animals for levelling the land and cutting the edges of the seedling while transplanting to strengthen the stem are certain traditional ways to specify.
Vegetables mainly include many spices as Ladies finger (Abelmoschus esculentus), Chili (Capsicum sp), Cucurbits (Cucurbita sp), Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima), Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) and Vallikarumoos (Carica papaya).
Furthermore, she cultivates pepper, areca and coffee organically. She promotes the conservation of the traditional varieties of fruits as Indian gooseberry, Cashew, Jackfruit and Mango.

Wild type of ginger for the medicinal usage. Ginger is commonly used for various types of stomach ailments including motion sickness and morning sickness.

She maintains livestock of traditional breed such as Kasargod dwarf, Vechoor and the cross breed of Vechoor and Kasaergod dwarf. The cow dung and slurry have applied in the field to enrich the soil nutrition. She is an enthusiast on varieties of trees and its conservation thus to maintain the diversity.
She prefers to work in the field to know in depth on the field and the agricultural practices. Sri. Pariyaram Padmanabhan Nambiar, her husband, encourages and inspires her conservation aspects and guides her on conservation practices. He knows about the medicinal value and consumption purpose of all the species he conserves.