Membership and Donations

‘The financial assistance and the support that you provide today will lead to the Enhancement of Scientific, Educational and Recreational aspect, conservation of Rare, Endemic and Threatened Tree Species of MSSBG besides fortification of the Community’

  • Corporate Sponsorships/Events
  • Volunteer Experiences: Long term/Short Term/Episodic
  • Youth programme
  • Community Service
  • Rare Endemic and Threatened (RET) Tree Species

Unique Strategies

  • 4-C Framework: Conservation, Cultivation, Consumption and Commerce
  • Sustainability of Culinary-Curative-Crop-diversity of the Malabar region
  • Agrobiodiversity and RET Tree diversity conservation
  • Education on sustainable utilization and conservation
  • Recreation
  • Deal with challenges of Climate Change
  • Satellite Community Garden

How you can help us?

Achievement is teamwork and possible by the support of

  •  Talents and volunteers to support our mission
  • The visitors for the operational income
  • The donation that you make provides a fragment of the new phase. Everyone is important to build our mission and a magnificent botanical garden for the future generations to be thoughtful on science, education and recreation.