Bird watching, frog and butterfly survey

Seasonal programmes and events has been a part of M S Swaminathan Botanical Garden (MSSBG) to enhance Scientific, Educational and Recreational facet.

Birding at MSSBG is a programme to explore the ecotone between farmlands and natural forests for nearly 80 species of birds recorded. Elusive migratory birds also arrive from northern hemisphere as winter commences. In addition, it’s a roosting and nesting habitat for various species of birds. Malabar Grey Hornbill, Blue winged parakeet, Malabar Whistling Thrush and Small Sunbird are the endemic species of Western Ghats, Asian Fairy Bluebirds, Brown Fish Owl, Tickell’s Flycatcher, Jerdon’s Baza were a few interesting birds among 32 species spotted though its monsoon during trail and trekking.

The Monsoon Bash is an event which was initiated to explore the Frog and Bird diversity of the Botanical Garden. The programme has a nocturnal nature expedition camp to experience and familiarise the natural history, the habitat and breeding of the frog species. Rachophorus lateralis, Polypedates pseudocruciger, Pseudophilautus waynadensis, Raorchestes nerostegona, Raorchestes ponmudi, Raorchestes anili and Hylarana intermedia were among a few species which raised the excitement of the tourists, students and the naturalist in the event.

An event on ‘Breakfast with Butterfly’ at MSSBG to explore the diversity and abundance is a part of nature expedition! ‘Butterfly migration senses’ and ‘Butterfly diversity senses’ of South Wayanad will be organized in collaboration with Forest Department during December to January with the active participation of public and enthusiast. Southern Bird Wing, Grass Jewel, Malabar Tree Nymph, Map, Cruiser, Blue Tiger, Common Crow, Common Rose, Crimson Rose and Paris Peacock are the eye-catching spp. to name a few remarkable spp. found at MSSBG.