K.V. Divakaran

Sri. K.V Divakaran leads a life that is fully dedicated to conservediverse varieties of trees, vegetables, paddy, bamboos and so on. Through his initiative a barren land has converted to a scared grove and he developed Zodiac Garden Grove in Kuttakavu. He conserves 6 varieties of bamboo and it provides thick canopy.

He follows organic farming and the main crops of cultivation include paddy and vegetables. The paddy variety includes Chenellu , Chomala, Velliyan, Ghandhakasala, Jeerakasala, Athira. He cultivates vegetables through open farming system.

His field contains a ditch, which has been protected on either side by planting Kewda. He stated that there is water in the stream regardless of seasons due to the presence of Kewda. His land consists of ponds to conserve local fishes and to enhance the ground water bodies.

His main income is through cattle farming. He chiefly conserves the local breed as ‘Vechur and Wayanadan’ and cross breeds of the same. Biogas has obtained from the cow dung disposal and the remaining slurry will be used in the field.

He conserves many traditional varieties of chicken. Poultry droppings has used in his field to enrich the soil fertility. The poultry farming includes rare type as ‘Karinkozhi’, which is highly nutritive.

He doesn’t prefer imported varieties for it disturbs the existing ecosystem and thus eliminates the local plants, insect and so on. He conserves the traditional varieties. 10 cents of land area is not being used for agriculture practices to conserve the naturally grown plants thus to preserve the local varieties.