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MSSBG-BGCI Edible School Project launched

A project named Edible School supported by the Botanical Garden Conservation International was launched on 4th January 2021 at the Government High School, Thrikaipetta- a Bamboo Heritage Village in Wayanad. Mr Sriju, Ward member, Muttil Grama Panchayath, inaugurated the project ...

Merge with Nature for Biohappiness- Says Dr M.C. Dathan

The first Webinar in the MSSBG Webinar Series was conducted on 28th November 2020. Dr.V. Shakeela, Director, CAbC-MSSRF delivered the welcome speech and Dr N. Anil Kumar, Senior Director, MSSBG introduced the speakers and facilitated the Webinar. The Webinar Series ...

MSSRF Employee has Won the Professional Photographer Award in IISF 2020

Mr. Salim Pichan, employee of MSSRF has won the Professional Photographer Award in Biodiversity Conclave of India International Science Festival 2020. He captured the photo of the mating of Indrella ampulla, a terrestrial snail which is also endemic to the ...

Webinar Series 2: Ecosystem Restoration

“We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.” – E. O. Wilson

EKJ Memorial Webinar

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