MSSBG-BGCI Edible School Project launched

A project named Edible School supported by the Botanical Garden Conservation International was launched on 4th January 2021 at the Government High School, Thrikaipetta- a Bamboo Heritage Village in Wayanad. Mr Sriju, Ward member, Muttil Grama Panchayath, inaugurated the project and assured his full support for the successful implementation of the project.

The take-off was by planting fruit seedlings of Sweet Santol, Peanut butter tree, Mango, Guava, Custard apple, Sweet kokum, and introducing a Vegetable Garden in about 3 cents with seedlings of cucumber, pumpkin, legumes, amaranthus, ladies finger, brinjal, etc. There are 30 students under the leadership of headmistress Mrs Usha and school teacher Reshma involved in this project. It is expected that the Edible School Garden will be grown to the homes of these 30 children.

The project is initiated to offer hands-on agricultural options to school children, which can trigger curiosity in farming among them. The program commenced with a welcome address by Mrs Usha, Headmistress of the school. The presidential address was given by Dr V. Shakeela, Director, CAbC-MSSRF. She has pointed out the importance of guiding children to agriculture and imparting basic knowledge on agriculture from the budding stages itself. Dr N. Anil Kumar, Senior Director, MSSBG who delivered the keynote speech explained the concept of Edible School and mentioned it is an opportunity for the children to get exposed to experiential learning in agriculture, biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and further to gain knowledge about the value of balanced nutrition. He also commented that this project will let “Every Child to Grow with Nature”. Thereafter,

The Edible School Certificate was handed over by Dr N. Anil Kumar to the headmistress Mrs Usha. On behalf of P.T.A committee, Mr Vijayan delivered felicitation speech and assured the support to ensure the growth of the edible garden. Vote of thanks was given by Dr Merlin Lopus, Post- Doctoral Fellow, MSSRF.