MSSBG Newsletter Volume 2

Botanical Gardens play a major role in bringing the attention of the commercial enterprises to the utilization of economically important wild plant species.

Dear Readers,
We are happy to bring out this issue of the MSSBG- Newsletter while the world observes many important events like 151st anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (October 2), International Coffee Day (October 01), World Vegetarian Day (October 01), World Animal Welfare Day (October 4) and World Teacher’s Day (5th October). Read More

Mahatma Gandhi was not just a doyen of political wisdom but embodied the virtues and values of spirituality, environmental conservation and social Justice. His greatness lies in blending them all such values  Read More

Conserving Coffee’s Wild Relatives

Nothing kick starts a day like a good “Cup of Joe.” Many of us start our day to the wonderful aroma of coffee brewing from our kitchens, the elixir that provides us with energy to tackle our daily chores. In fact, worldwide, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily. Read more

MSSBG handholding with Kurichiya Community to revive the dietary and traditional food plant diversity of Wayanad 

Biodiversity Access and Benefit Sharing