The MSSBG webinar series ends up with an action plan

The webinar series from MSSBG ‘Garden to People’ ends with an action plan on reforestation of degraded lands at Wayanad district. The final webinar was a panel discussion on ‘Capacity development in tree conservation outside forest: what next?’. Ms. Meera Chandran, Founder member, Forest First Samithi delivered the keynote speech and Dr. Sasidharan. Former chief scientist, KFRI and Mr. Cherish Manjooran, Founder and CEO, Cherish Expeditions were the panel discussants.

Ms. Meera explained her ten years of journey in reforestation of degraded land. She explained how their team has given life to a degraded private land that was highly invaded by invasive plants. After ten years of their collective efforts, now the land is enriched with 150 different tree species including RET and wild edible fruit trees. Many indicator species like frogs, birds and leeches are spotted in that land. She also shared similar stories of reforestation efforts taking place at the Kodagu and Wayanad districts. She pointed the importance of planting native tree species in degraded lands.

Dr. Sasidharan mentioned that the stand density should also be considered according to the nature of the forest while reforestation. He added that adequate measures should be taken to control the wildfire as it is preventing the natural regeneration of the forest. Mr. Cherish inspired young minds with his stories of travel experience along with ecosystem conservation, which opened new possibilities and a different approach to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As an action plan, it was decided to find the degraded lands at Wayanad district with the support of the Forest Department and other officials and will begin the reforestation efforts, which will contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration