Mrs. Shifanath –An Inspiring Garden Assistant of MSSBG

Mrs. Shifanath, our plant nursery assistant surprises everyone with her skills in plant identification techniques and remembering botanical names. She identifies almost all plants available in the nursery and the garden with their scientific names and family details. From her childhood, she has been interested in gardening and growing plants. She joined MSSSRF as a coffee estate worker in 2007. When the garden started rising up, she moved to the medicinal plant nursery and later to propagate Rare, Endemic and Threatened plants in the Garden. The curiosity of knowing about rare plants led her to learn botany and plant identification skills from the scientists of MSSBG. She looks after the RET plants with much care and passion!. She says “I am always excited to learn about new plants and have no much difficulty in learning botanical names”. She lives close by to the Garden with her husband Mr. Asharaf and two children.