Orchidarium is an exclusive zone with diversity of orchids. The family Orchidaceae stands foremost in the number of species recorded from Wayanad (almost 170 spp)). The objective of this concept at MSSBG is healthy conservation and the garden has enriched with 75 species of epiphytic orchids. Major species arranged in the Orchidarium are Bulbophyllum aureum (a Red Data species narrow endemic to Wayanad), Dendrobium microbulbon (an endangered epiphyte listed in Indian Red Data book), Pholidota pallida, Aerides ringens, Oberonia swaminathanii (a new species narrow endemic to Wayanad), Cymbidium sps, Rhynchostylis retusa and so forth. This zone has significant collection of ground orchids such as Acanthephippium bicolor, Eulophia pulchra, Malaxis Rheedii and so on.