Ayurvedic Garden

This zone consists of plants that are used in Indian Systems of medicines particularly in traditional medicines for primary health care. A few significant medicinal plants (nearly 150 species) are exhibited in the shade-net house and a compilation of species (about 500 species) is conserved in the Ayurvedic Garden. The major attractions at the Ayurvedic garden are Star Trees, Dasamoola, Dasapushpa, Nalpamara, Triphala, Trikadu, Trighandha, Navagraha, and Pathila. The ‘rare and endemic species’ conserved here include Acorus calamus, Bacopa monnieri, Embelia ribes, Coscinium fenestratum etc. Apart from this, the garden has a nursery with the capacity to propagate10,000 plant saplings. This is mainly to share out the remarkable plant saplings to visitors. The seed nursery at the botanical garden produces the seeds/seedlings/saplings of many plant varieties