NOVA Butterfly contest I prize to Mrs. Deepthi Sunjith from Kannur!

MSSBG organized a photography contest for budding photographers to capture the life moments of butterflies. The competition was open for the age group up to 35 years. We received 85 entries from different part of the country. Mrs. Deepthi Sunjith from Kannur won the competition for her photo ‘Natures Love was written on the wings of Butterflies’. She captured the photo of common pierrot butterflies from her own butterfly garden at home. Dr. Bommireddy Thirupam Reddy’s ‘Purple leaf blue butterfly ‘won the second prize for the picture of a rare butterfly from Jharkhand. Third prize was won by Mr. Anand Subhag Madhavan from Kannur for his picture ‘Nature’s Angels’. He captured the photo of flying common Mormon butterflies.

First prize
Second prize
Third prize