Liparis tschangii (Orchidaceae), A New Record for India

Researchers have rediscovered Liparis tschangii, a species of orchid, from Wayanad, part of Nilgiri biosphere.

Dr V. Balakrishnan, former director of Community Agrobiodiversity Centre – MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Puthoorvayal, Dr Jose Mathew from SD College, Alappuzha, P. Dhanesh Kumar, former divisional forest officer, South Wayanad, Salim Pichan, Jayesh P. Joseph and Jithin N.M. from MSSRF, Wayanad led the research. Leaves of the tuberous species mostly found in China and Vietnam resembles the human heart in shape and the white coloured Rhizome, bunch of green coloured flowers.

“The plant is very rare in this locality and may need conservation priority”, said Salim Pichan.

The discovery has been published in a science journal known as “Indian Forester”.