Birding and Nature Walk at MSSBG

Introductory session, Campfire and Dinner: 17.11.2018 – 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Birding and Nature Trek: 18.11.2018 – 5:45 am to 11:45am

The Birding Trail and Nature Trek enriched the day of the nature enthusiasts with the bird diversity of MSSBG. The visitors along with the resource team identified and spotted 52 species of birds, which are endemic and migratory, in 6 hours of trail.

The nature trek through the canopy of the RET Zone, Fernary, Butterfly Garden, Bambusetum, Medicinal Plant garden, Wild Food Zone and so on with the team from various parts of India and with the internal resource persons was an experience than just a birding trail. Sharing of knowledge through an educational recreation event was as warmth as the campfire in the misty winter of Wayanad. The spotting of mouse deer and giant squirrel were an addition to the amusement. The event has organized through online entries and registration through

Check the list below for the bird species identified at MSSBG on 18.11.2018

Location: M S Swaminathan Botanical Garden, Wayanad

  • Black headed babbler
  • Indian-Scimitar babbler
  • White checked barbet
  • Tickell’s Blue flycatcher
  • Red-vented bulbul
  • Red-whiskered bulbul
  • Yellow-browed bulbul
  • Gold-fronted leaf bird
  • Little cormorant
  • Indian plaintive cuckoo
  • Blyth’s reed Warbler
  • Blue headed rock thrush
  • Crested serpent eagle
  • Brahminy starling
  • Small sunbird
  • Purple rumped sunbird
  • Malabar whistling thrush
  • Spotted dove
  • Ashy drongo
  • Black drongo
  • Greater Racket tailed drongo
  • Cattle egret
  • Asian fairy blue bird
  • Nilgiri flower pecker
  • Pied-flycatcher shrike
  • Malabar grey hornbill
  • Common kingfisher
  • Greenish leaf warbler
  • Common tailor bird
  • Orange headed thrush
  • Black lored yellow tit
  • Indian Pitta
  • Large pied wagtail
  • Thick billed warbler
  • Large billed leaf warbler
  • Oriental Magpie Robin
  • Orange Minivet
  • Black-naped Monarch Flyatcher
  • Jungle Myna
  • Southern hill Myna
  • Velvet fronted nuthatch
  • Eurasian golden oriole
  • Asian palm swift
  • Blue winged parakeet
  • Indian Hanging parrot
  • Oriental white eye
  • Lesser golden backed woodpecker
  • Rufous wood pecker
  • Common Iora
  • Little spider hunter
  • Nilgiri flycatcher
  • Jungle crow