Myristica beddomei

Botanical name: Myristica beddomei King.
Local name: Kattujathi
Habitat: Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests
Flowering & fruiting: December to May
Distribution: Evergreen and semi-evergreen forests

Description: Evergreen dioecious tree with a height up to 25 m, the bark is of 10-14 mm thickness with blackish-green color surface, smooth with small exfoliations. Outer bark is of 1-2 mm in thickness and dead, inner bark is of 10-12 mm thickness, fibrous, striate and deep red in color. Exudation watery, red; branchlets glabrous except for terminal bud and inflorescence; leaves simple, alternate, distichous and estipulate.

Significance: The aril is used as a spice and has got medicinal values. It has been used to treat ‘vata’, ‘kapha’ disorders, increase digestive power and prevent loose motion. The chemical content is anti oxidant, antimicrobial and oleoresins.